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With a grant from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HKJC), we transformed an old building tucked away in the concrete forest in the busy Central district into a six-storey oasis. It is a light industrial design with lots of greenery where families can take a break from all the toxic substances that have soiled not only our earth but also our relationships.


Our center, the first family therapy center in Hong Kong, continues to be dedicated to the development of the systemic perspective, where training, practice and research go hand-in-hand, with one informing the other.  On top of the regular clinical activities, there will also be three areas of specialties sponsored by the HKJC: 

  • to develop a treatment approach in working with children from divorced or divorcing families, 

  • to formulate a systemic approach in working with patients with mental health issues, and 

  • to build on our biofeedback family assessment protocol in addressing concerns related to children and youth.  


All three initiatives involve not only providing service, but also training, which will lead to accreditation for those who have demonstrated sufficient knowledge and skills in applying these treatment modalities to their work.  We will also focus on producing educational material supported by our clinical evidence, particularly video resources, to enhance public education in the promotion of family relationships.

Family Therapy Center

Clinical Training

The uniqueness of our programs is that teaching and practice go hand-in-hand, with one enhancing the other. In addition to membership activities, the AAFT offers a broad range of educational and training programs for clinicians and public audience, both on short- and long-term basis, as well as tailor-made in-service training packages for local agencies. The demonstration of live family interviews and consultations are unique features of AAFT, which has become a forum for the development of innovative training and research projects.

Clinical Services

The Family Therapy Center is dedicated to the healing and repairing of family relationships, focusing specifically on promoting children’s mental health.

Are you dealing with any of the above issues? Please contact us! Service fees can be partially or fully subsidized.

Jockey Club Family Therapy Programme Newsletter

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