AAFT is a membership-based organization. Your support as a member is very important to us. We accept applications all year round. Our membership categories are based on where you are in your career. Please see below for more information.

Membership Categories

a. Honorary Fellow

b. Fellow

c. Full Member / Life Member (one-off)

d. Student Member

e.  Organizational Member

Membership Criteria

a. Honorary Fellow


b. Fellow*

c. Full Member / Life Member (one-off)

d. Student Member


     An applicant is eligible to become a Student Member if he/she is enrolled in a degree program in marriage and family         therapy, human service programs, related mental health field, or equivalent.

e. Organizational Member

Honorary Fellow is awarded by invitation only to practitioners who has demonstrated distinguished contributions to the advancement in the field of marriage and family therapy, specifically in areas such as advanced practice, research, teaching, and policy making.

An applicant who is interested in becoming a Fellow should:


  • possess a Master’s or Doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy, related mental health field, or equivalent;

  • have at least three years of post-graduate experience in working with families, including case practice, systemic training;

  • accumulated a minimum of 150 hours of supervision (including individual and group) by AAFT approved Supervisors;

  • be nominated by two AAFT Fellows; and

  • be approved by Vetting Committee of AAFT, which is comprised of senior practitioners from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

*Details will be confirmed shortly. 

Individuals who have attained educational requirements for licensure or certification in the human services profession or equivalent. He/ She can pay a one-off membership fee to become a Life Member.

Organizational membership is designed for professional or social service organizations/ associations/ societies/ institutions who share the mission of AAFT. Each Organization may nominate up to three members who will be eligible for AAFT membership.

Membership application

Categories                                                                      Annual Subscription Fee

**Full Members may choose to pay the Life Member fee for permanent Full Membership.

# Fellow and Life Member shall pay a one-off application and life membership fee in the first year and then an annual renewal fee of US$80 / HK$500 thereon after. 

Please note that all members of AAFT must belong to the highest category of membership for which they are eligible based on their professional achievement. All dues and fees are non-refundable.

Members’ Benefits

  • Members have access to the facilities at AAFT and can enjoy discount for selected trainings and workshops.

  • Members will be entitled to join one live case demonstration on a first come, first served basis.                            (Please email for reservation.)

  • Members residing in Hong Kong will be eligible for professional indemnity insurance offered through AAFT. (Download)

  • Members have opportunity to engage in AAFT’s diversified clinical projects.

  • Members can participate in AAFT’s peer-group learning, collaboration, and sharing of ideas and experiences.

  • Members can use the title, “AAFT Honorary Fellow/ Fellow/ Life Member/ Full Member/ Student Member/ Organizational Member”.

Online application

Interested parties can complete an online application form and pay instantly through credit card.

Please click the corresponding link below for individual memberships:

Please click the corresponding link below for organizational membership:

Other Application Method

If you wish to submit your application forms by post or email, and settle the membership fee by other method, please refer to the following documents. 

Successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Should you have further inquiries, please contact our staff at

Membership Directory

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Should you have further inquiries, please contact our staff at

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