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Trans-generational center

With people living longer lives, it is common for families with three to four generations to co-exist at the same time. More families are facing multi-generational dilemmas, challenges and opportunities unique to this family structure. If relational conflicts are not sufficiently resolved, they can pass on from one generation to the other, and create disharmony for the entire family system. 

Through individual, couple, and multi-generational sessions, our clinic team will create a platform for families to construct new personal and family narratives, resolve inter-generational discourse, and enjoy healthier and well-balanced relationships with each generation and significant other.

Scope of service

The Trans-generational center is the first of its kind within the region. It is specifically designated by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation to promote the importance of multi-generational family health. The scope of service includes:

  • Case service 

  • Professional training 

  • Public education 

  • Research 

To provide a comprehensive educational and clinical model in working with multi-generational families 

case service

We accept cases with issues involving trans-generational family dynamics, including child discipline, in-law conflicts, and other symptoms such as depression and anxiety that may stem from trans-generational origins.

Therapeutic Approach


Our approach includes the Family Biofeedback Assessment, which is one of our major initiatives that has gained international recognition. It involves measuring the child's physiological responses in response to inter-parental dynamics. The depicted arousal pattern is then used to explore what exactly in the inter-parental interaction is affecting the child. 

To obtain a clear understanding of the emotional connections between the generations, this assessment protocol is conducted twice, first on the child in relation to his/her parents, and then on the parents in relation to the grandparents. The findings from the assessment can help to open up new possibilities for therapeutic intervention. 

Follow-up treatment will then be provided after the assessment.

Professional training

To train practitioners to carry out this practice model as well as establish a group of trainers to provide training 

The training involves three levels: 

  1. Basic: This level of training will be conducted through workshops and seminars. It aims to promote the understanding of trans-generational theories and their application.

  2. Intermediate: This level of training will focus on clinical practice. Participants are invited to take part in our live case demonstration to gain hands-on skills in dealing with trans-generational family dynamics.  

  3. Advanced: Experienced practitioners will be recruited to undergo further training to become trainers. Upon completion of training, those who are qualified will be eligible for accreditation. 

To promote trans-generational family health to the general public through mass communication media, public lectures and newspaper columns. Educational videos and animations will be produced to enhance public awareness of essential issues in trans-generational relationships. 

Public Education

Our study on trans-generational dynamics is well received in the international field. As research on this subject matter is surprisingly scarce, we will encourage more studies on the patterns, themes, and dynamics of trans-generational families in the region.

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