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Hao-Wei Wang, M.D., received his medical education at Kaoshiung Medical University and Psychiatry training at National Taiwan University Hospital. As a licensed general psychiatrist and child psychiatrist, he has been the psychiatry faculty of Hualien Buddhistic Tze-Chi General Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, and National Taiwan University Hospital. He is currently the founder and Executive Director of Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy (TIP) and Chairperson of Taiwan Association of Analytical Psychology. In addition to being a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, he is also a writer. There are 14 books published, including a volume of poems.



  • Founder, Executive Director and Board-member of Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy, TIP, since 2001

  • President of Taiwan Society of Analytical Psychology (Before 2018: Taiwan Developing Group) of IAAP since 2010

  • Vice-President, Asian Academy of Family Therapy (2012 – 2021)

  • Vice-Professor of Depth Psychotherapy Center of Shih-Chien University, Taiwan (2021 – present)

  • President, Taiwan Psychotherapy Association (2004 – 2012)

  • Chairperson, Taiwan Psychotherapy Institute

  • Chairperson, Sinin Psychiatry Clinic

  • Chairperson, Board of Psygarden Press Company

  • Chairperson, Psychiatric Department of Buddhist Hua Lien Tzu Chi General Hospital, 1991-1995

  • Psychiatry Resident Training at National Taiwan University Hospital, 1987-91


  • In Our Age of Postponed Maturity (psychology), 2013, Taipei: PsyGarden Press

  • Melancholic Shrink Wanna Flying, revised (psychology), 2013, Taipei: PsyGarden Press

  • Twelve Lessons on Affects (psychology), 2012, Taipei: PsyGarden Press, revised from Open the Window of EQ

  • Youth under Construction (psychology), 2012, Taipei: PsyGarden Press,revised from Chronicle of Taiwan Youth

  •  We Are Not Born as Good Parents (psychology), 2012, Taipei: PsyGarden Press

  • Harmony with Oneself (literary essays) 2004, Taipei: Unitas Publishing Co.

  • Guerrilla at Margin of Taiwan Culture (literary critic) 2000, Taipei: Unitas Publishing Co.

  • Chronicle of Taiwan Youth (psychology) 1998, Taipei: Living Psychology Publishing Co.

  • Open the Window of Emotions (psychology) 1998, Taipei: Living Psychology Publishing Co.

  •  Melancholic Shrink Wanna Flying (psychology) 1998, Taipei: Living Psychology Publishing Co.

  •  Manhood in Taiwan (culture study) 1998, Taipei: Unitas Publishing Co.

  •  Emerging, the Seashore! (Literary essays) 1995, Taipei: Crown Culture Co.

  •  Banquet of Discourses (literary critic) 1994, Taipei: Chiuko Press Co.

  • Flying between Narcissism and Melancholy (literary essays) 1994, Taipei: Crown Culture Co.

  • Song for Monsoon Season (poems) 1993, Taipei: Bookman Press Co.

Hao-Wei Wang, M.D.,
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