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Prof Ng’s expertise in sexology has helped promote sexual health in couples work and psychotherapeutic development, both locally and internationally. He is also one of the most influential psychotherapists in Hong Kong. He has teamed up with Dr Wai Yung Lee in promoting and facilitating a trans-disciplinary approach to clinical practice and research.



  • Accreditation Panel Member, Psychotherapy Trainer Accreditation Subcommittee, Hospital Authority Hong Kong (2008)

  • Member of the Scientific Committee, 16th World Congress of Sexology, Cuba (2002 – 2003)

  • Member of the Scientific Committee, 15th World Congress of Sexology, Paris (2000 – 2001)

  • Member of the Gold Medal Committee, Advisory Board, World Association for Sexology (2000 – 2001)



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  • 吳敏倫 & 徐梅 (2014). 我們是這樣相愛到老的. 天地圖書. (ISBN  978-988-8255-15-3)

  • 黃燦 (2018). 蜜室:性學大師吳敏倫伉儷的愛情與藝術人生 (1st edition). 暨南大學出版社. (ISBN 978-7-5668-2328-1)

Man Lun NG, MD

Clinical Co-Director

Man Lun NG, M.D., FHKC Psychiatry, is former Professor of Psychiatry at The University of Hong Kong, and Associate Director of the HKU Family Institute.

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