Becoming an AAFT Member

Why Join AAFT

  • Because I support the mission and vision

  • Because I want to continue my professional growth

  • Because I want a base for professional sharing and exchange

  • Because I want to contribute to the development of the profession

  • Because I want to join one of the many innovative projects at AAFT

AAFT is the first academy for family therapists established in Asia that aims to promote the identity of the profession. It provides the much needed platform for professional advancement and support for both novel and experienced clinicians who are committed to the systemic framework. AAFT has the support of renowned professionals in the field, both locally and abroad; together, these people are committed to the development of new knowledge in the field as well as nurturing the new generation of family therapy practitioners.

Membership Categories

a. Honorary Fellow

b. Fellow

c. Full Member / Life Member (one-off)

d. Associate Member

e. Organizational Member

Membership Criteria

a. Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow is an applicant who

  • has demonstrated distinguished contributions to the advancement of the marriage and family therapy field, in areas such as advanced practice, research, teaching, and policy making; and

  • is by invitation only. 


b. Fellow

An applicant who is interested in becoming a Fellow should:


  • holds a graduate degree in the human services profession;

  • has at least three years of post-graduate experience in working with families, including case practice, systemic training, and supervision;

  • is nominated by two AAFT Fellows; and

  • be approved by Vetting Committee of AAFT, which is comprised of senior practitioners from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. 
    *Details will be confirmed shortly.

c. Full Member / Life Member (one-off)

An applicant is eligible to become a Full Member if he/she has preferably   attained educational requirements for licensure or certification in the human services profession or equivalent. He/ She can pay a one-off membership fee to become a Life Member.


d. Associate Member

An applicant is eligible to become an Associate Member if he/she

  • does not meet criteria for the aforementioned categories;

  • holds a degree in other human service programs; or

  • is a student in family therapy.

e. Organizational Member

Organizational membership is designed for professional or social service organizations/ associations/ societies/ institutions ("Organization") who share the mission of AAFT. All applications will be reviewed by the Vetting Committee. Each Organization may nominate up to three members, e.g., the president, executive director and/ or officer, who will be eligible for AAFT members' benefits. Nominations must be submitted with the application form or renewal form. The category of these three individual memberships, i.e., Fellow Member, Full Member, or Associate Member, shall be recommended by AAFT Vetting Committee.

Membership Fees

Categories                                                                      Annual Subscription Fee

*Full Members may choose to pay the Life Member fee for permanent Full Membership.

# Fellow and Life Member shall pay a one-off application and life membership fee in the first year and then an annual renewal fee of US$80 / HK$500 thereon after. 

**Membership fee is non-refundable unless the application is unsuccessful.

Benefits to Members

  • Members have access to the facilities at the Academy, and can enjoy discount for selected trainings and workshops.

  • Members will be entitled to join one live case demonstration on a first come, first served basis.

  • Members residing in Hong Kong will be eligible for professional indemnity insurance offered through AAFT. (Download)

  • Members have the opportunities to engage in the Academy’s diversified clinical projects.

  • Members can participate in the Academy’s peer-group learning, collaboration, and sharing of ideas and experiences.

  • Members can use the title, “AAFT Honorary Fellow/ Fellow/ Fellow and Life Member/ Life Member/ Full Member/ Associate Member/ Organizational Member".

Online Membership Application

Interested parties can complete an online application form and pay instantly through credit card.

Please click the corresponding link below for individual memberships:

Please click the corresponding link below for organizational membership:

Other Application Method

If you wish to submit your application forms by post or email, and settle the membership fee by other method, please refer to the following documents. 

Successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Should you have further inquiries, please contact our staff at


Honorary Fellow:

Alan COOKLIN (United Kingdom)

Eia ASEN (United Kingdom)

Gill Gorell BARNES (United Kingdom)

Jay LEBOW (United States)

Maurizio ANDOLFI (Italy)



Au Chung Ping Cherry

CHAN Shook Yim Sally

CHAN Suk Yin

CHAO Wen-Tao (Taiwan)

CHEN Jue (China)

CHEN Xiang-Yi (China)

CHENG Viviana


CHOW Lai Yin Dickson

CHOW Miu Yee Susanna

CHU Yeung Pak Yu Patricia

CHUN Young-Ju (South Korea)

CHUNG Hyejeong (South Korea)

DU Yasong (China)

FAN Tak Wing William

FONG Yuet Ling Elaine

HO Shuk Yan Irene

HUNG Chi Hong Rommel

KAM Wai Kwok Irene

KO Wai Tun Presley

KUNG Pak Sing Patrick

KUO Feng-Jung (Taiwan)

KWONG Ping Sum John (Deceased)

LAM Cindy

LAM Wing Wo Edmund

LAU Ping Kuen Stanley

LEE ​Insoo (South Korea)

LEE Wai Yung

LEUNG King Chi

LEUNG Siu Kei Raymond

LI Jueyan

LI Lee-Chun (Taiwan)

LIN Hung Chuan (Taiwan)

MA Lai Chong Joyce

MAU Kwok Bun Paul

MENG Fu (China)

NG Kwok Tung Agnes

NG Lai Tuen


NISSE Martine (France)

Noriko Nakamura (Japan)

Paul JOHANSSON (Sweden)

SHIEH Wen-yi, Wendy (Taiwan)

Shin-Ichi NAKAMURA (Japan)

SIM Teck Kim Charles (Singapore)

SIU Kwok Hung

TAMURA Takeshi (Japan)

TOSHIYUKI Watanabe (Japan)

TSANG Man Ching Anita

TSANG Suk Ling Michel

TUNG Kwong Wah

WANG Hao-Wei (Taiwan)

WONG Chi Ching Kevin

WONG Mark Juen Sing

WONG Mei Ching, Mooly

WONG Tak Chi Andy

YANG Chung Fang

YUEN Yin Key Regine

YUNG TSANG Sun May Grace

趙旭東 (China)


Life Member:

AU Yeung Chun

CHAN Chi Leung, Raymond


CHAN Lai Wan Cecilia

CHAN Pui Yu Carol

CHAN Shook Yim Sally

CHAN Siok Ling Shirley

CHAO Wen-Tao (Taiwan)

CHUNG Chi Kong

CHEUNG Chun Sing Johnson

CHENG Man Yung

CHENG Viviana

CHENG Wing Kai Michael

CHIK Janice

FAN Tak Wing William

FONG Yuet Ling Elaine

FOO Cecilia

HO Chi Ming Mathew

HO Ka Fai

HO Shuk Yan Irene

HO Sui Kum Anna

HUNG Chi Hong Rommel

KEI Sik Ling Shirley

KO Wai Tun Presley

KUNG Pak Sing Patrick

LAI Sze Man

LAM Cindy

LAM Fung Yee Michelle

LAM Wing Wo Edmund

LAU Mun Yi Rainbow

LAU Ping Kuen Stanley

LAW Ka Ho Ivan

LEUNG Cheuk Wai Willie

LEUNG Justina

LEUNG King Chi

LEUNG Lai Ching Christee


LI Lee-Chun (Taiwan)

LOK Kwok Wan Candy

LOW Mei Yan Michelle

LUI Siu Ying Micy

LUNG Wai Chung Wilson

MAU Kwok Bun Paul



TONG Bing Chung

TSANG Man Ching Anita

TUNG Kwong Wah

WONG Hong Yuen Peter

WONG Tak Chi Andy

WONG Yun Tin Carmen

WU Kam Wah

YANG Chung Fang

YAU Mei Mei

YEUNG Wah, Sarina

YUEN Yin Key Regine

YUNG TSANG Sun May Grace

陈露 (China)​


羅韶雄 (China)

胡燕 (China)


Full Member:

Andrew Stock

ASAI Nobuhiko (Japan)

CHAN Kitty Kit-Chi

CHAN Sui Ping

CHAN Tak Kam

CHAN Wai Tuen


CHEN Yi-Ling (Taiwan)

CHAN Ying Fong Annie

CHAN Yuk Ching Maggie

CHAU Yuk Shan


CHENG Pui King, Hannah

CHEUK Tin Yan Justina

CHEUNG Ching Ping

CHEUNG Kit Ying Andy

CHANG Pui King Hannah

CHIA Hong-Ying (Taiwan)

CHIA Sheryln

CHIN Wan Yee

CHOI Hang Wa Brenda

CHOW Tze Sze Cecilia

CHOW Wai Ping

DAI Daisy (China)

FOK Peter Anthony

Frank Ocampos (Japan)

FUNG Shing On

FUNG Wai Ching

GEUN Man Chung Anthony

HAR Lai Key Livian

HO Ah Ying

HON Wai To Ray

HONG Chi Man

HONG Leng Wai Alice

HUI Hon Man Henry

IP Ho Kin

IP Jacqueline

Jane CAO (China)


Kamiya Lilac Yoshi

KO Shuk Fun


KWOK Wai Fong Elise

LAM Ho Yan

LAM Wai Ka

LAM Wai Ting Winnie

LAU Yin Wah

LEE Kin Cheung George

LEE Sau Mei

LEE Shuk Chi Alice



LI Lu (China)

LIM Geok Huat (Singapore)

LI Wai Chi Doris

LIM Meng Hoong (Singapore)

LIM Meng Hoong  (Taiwan)

LOW Mei Yan Michelle

LIU Cui Lian, Laura (China)

LIU Jing Peng (China)

LIU Wai Yi

LUCY Graham

LUK Sau Har

MAIDIN Hani Hj (Brunei)

MAK Wing Hang, Jacqueline

MAN Mee Chun

MAO Chun-Hong (China)

MO Candace

MORITO April (Japan)

Nora BATESON (Sweden)

NG Ka Wai

NG Lai Fong Flora

NG Wai Ching Irene

NG Wai Sheng (Malaysia)

NG Yee Kam Rachel

NGAI Siu Ying

POON Suk Ling

POON Wai Yee Esther

QUAT Elizabeth

Sabiha Jahan (Dhaka)


SHAW Hoi Fai Nancy


TAM Cheuk Ka

TAM Tsz Lun Alan

TAN Ju Siew TINA VIVA (Singapore)

TANG Pik Kay, Karen

TANG Wing Kay

TANG Yuk Kit

TO Dorothy

Tomoko Muramatsu (Japan)


TSANG Suk Ling

TSE Chi Li Celsia

TSE Yuen Ling Linda

TUNG Mei Chi

WAN Maurice

WAN Wai Ling Winnie

WONG Kam Fung Rossetti

WONG King Leong



WONG Mei Tin Tiffany

WONG Pui Yan Adela

WONG Rosseana (Singapore)

WONG Sau Yee Flora

WONG Tin Yat

XIAN Zhen Ping (China)

XIU Li Pan (China)

XU Lily (China)

YANG Rui, Cherry (China)

YEOH ​Shin (Malaysia)

YEUNG Kin Yan Doris

YEUNG Ming Lai Magdalene

YI Su (China)

YIP Mei Ki, Maggie

YU Yee Wah

YUEN Andrew

ZHANG Jiaxin (China)

ZHU Fenny (China)

ZHU Liwen (China)

王寧 (China)

李梓 (China)

汪睿 (China)

李建軍 (China)

肖統坤 (China)

徐玉霞 (China)

張雪英 (China)

楊政憲 (China)

廖新華 (China)

趙鳳儀 (China)

趙思思 (China)

項小琴 (China)

黃培嘉 (Taiwan)

張鑫 (China)

蔡衛 (China)

曲秀萍 (China)

劉翯 (China)

胡燕 (China)



Associate Member:

CHAN Kit Fung Klaus
CHENG Katrine

HAR Lai Key Livian

Ian Goldsmith (Australia)

KUAN Teresa

LAU Ting Sum

LEUNG Ka Wai Marina

MICHAL Eyal-Stossel (Israel)

NG King Chee Hayley


TAM Mei Yi Amy


TAO Chun Ni Jenny


YAU Chi Keung Victor

YU Ting Shun