Our Major Achievements

The following two research projects have been instrumental in the development of AAFT, as they paved the ground for Asian therapists to work together. This collaboration between our Asian colleagues later evolved into the establishment of the Asian Academy of Family Therapy.


  1. Asian couples in negotiation: A mixed method analysis of cultural variations among couples from five Asian regions [1]

    This comparative research on how couples negotiate their differences among five regions including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong and set the ground for prominent figures from each region to develop Asian Academy of Family Therapy. This study was considered the first large scale collaboration among these regions in Asia. The manuscript was published as a featured article in the Family Process and was later regarded as having broken many myths about Asian families [2].  

  2. Children’s Response to Parental Conflict [3]

    This project focuses on using physiology to elicit children’s voices to their parents’ impasse and was considered an innovative endeavor. Professionals from different cultures both in the East and the West became interested in developing this model and expressed an interest to join this research. An international group including therapists from the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, and China was formed to helping them adopt this model in their practice.

[1] Lee, W. Y., Nakamura, S. I., Chung, M. J., Chun, Y. J., Liang, S. C., Meng, F., & Liu, C. L. (2013). Asian couples in negotiation: A mixed method analysis of cultural variations among couples from five Asian regions. Family Process, 52(3), 499-518.​​

[2] Creamer, E.G., & Edwards, C. (2019). Embedding the dialogic in mixed method approaches to theory development. International Journal of Research & Method in Education 42(3):239-251

DOI: 10.1080/1743727X.2019.1598357.​

[3] Lee, W. Y., Ng, M. L., Cheung, B. K. L., and Yung, J. W. (2010). Capturing children’s response to parental conflict and making use of it. Family Process, 49(1), 43-58.

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