Prof Chun Young-Ju currently works as a professor at the Department of Welfare & Counseling, Silla University, South Korea, teaching family counseling, family studies, and MFT supervision. She majored in Child Development & Family Studies at Yonsei University, Korea, and achieved her Master's and Ph.D. at Purdue University, USA. She is a certified supervisor of family therapy and marriage and family counseling in Korea, and have taught family therapy and family relations for more than 2 decades. Her research interests include such areas as multigenerational transmission of emotional system, differentiation/individuation, divorce therapy, parental counseling, and video supervision. She is actively involved in public training, consultation, and supervision for MFT in Korea.



  • Vice President, Chair of Scientific Committee, Editorial board, Licensing board, Korean Association of Family Therapy

  • Chair of International Committee, Korean Association of Marriage and Family

  • Committee member, Editorial board, Korean Association of Family Relations

  • Chairman, Scientific Committee, Consortium of Institute on Family in the Asian Region (CIFA)

  • Editorial Advisory Board, Contemporary Family Therapy

  • Editorial Advisory Board, Asian Journal of Family Therapy


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