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The uniqueness of our programs is that teaching and practice go hand-in-hand, with one enhancing the other. In addition to membership activities, the AAFT offers a broad range of educational and training programs for clinicians and public audience, both on short- and long-term basis, as well as tailor-made in-service training packages for local agencies. The demonstration of live family interviews and consultations are unique features of AAFT, which has become a forum for the development of innovative training and research projects.


Examples of clinical training include the Basic Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Clinical Consultation, and Clinical Supervision groups. The development of specialized projects is also a distinctive focus in AAFT’s continuous attempt to develop expertise in filling the gap of service provision. The AAFT also sees the need to work with the larger system, with the aim to influence policy making with reference to findings from our clinical research.

Basic Certificate Course in Family Therapy

This course will use video segments of actual family interviews to cover the theoretical bases, conceptual framework, and skills in marriage and family therapy.


Intermediate Course in Family Therapy

This course emphasizes a hands-on approach and includes didactic lectures, exercises for skill training, group discussions, and role play.


One-Year Advanced Certificate Course in Family Therapy

This course aims to equip experienced clinicians who wish to acquire a systemic perspective with hands-on clinical training.


Family Therapy with Psychiatric Patients

This course aims to introduce how family therapy can be applied to a range of mental health problems presented in children, adolescents and adults. It will also show how a range of behavioral and emotional problems is addressed in the family context.


Feb – Apr 2022



Oct – Nov 2022


Feb – May 2022



Jun – Sept 2022



Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

Oct 2022 – May 2023


Oct – Dec 2022

Live Case Demonstration by Wai-Yung Lee, Ph.D

This is a rare opportunity for participants to observe and experience clinical interviews in action at the Clinic. The case formulation and reflective analysis preceding and following the demonstration will enable participants to share their experiences and insights.


Apr – Jun 2022



Jul – Sept 2022



Oct – Dec 2022

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