Clinical services

Clinical Services

The Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is an important feature of the AAFT. Our mission is to promote marriage and family therapy, a clinical approach that aims at activating the resources in the family in dealing with their relational difficulties. In many successful cases, we also established a joint partnership with other community systems.

The Clinic is supervised by Dr. Wai Yung Lee, a renowned family therapy trainer, and a team of distinguished co-directors. The Clinic is made up of two parts:


The Teaching Clinic provides a very important platform for clinical training of family therapists.  Professionals can refer cases they wish to seek consultation or treatment. Live case demonstrations are conducted on a regular basis. The Teaching Clinic is also a base where the AAFT showcases some of its innovative and cutting edge approaches. With the family’s permission, the teaching sessions will be observed by trainees of the AAFT and the clinical data obtained from the service will be used for teaching and research purposes. The AAFT will ensure confidentiality of the families’ identities.


The Clinical Practice provides private clinical service to the general public. Individuals and families can seek marriage and family therapy from a team of family therapists who are either graduates of a master’s program in Family Therapy or equivalent. They are qualified clinical members or associate members who are under the supervision of AAMFT Approved Supervisors of the AAFT.


Types of Clinical Services
The Clinic is open to a variety of family and mental health problems, including but not limited to children and adolescent issues, couple relationship, trans-generational conflicts, divorce, as well as family violence and abuse. We specialize in psychosomatic disorders, including eating disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, depression and other mental health related problems.


How to Make an Appointment
Appointments can be made through:

  •  Professional referral (e.g., through doctors, clinical psychologists, social workers, teachers, etc.)

  • Self-referral (interested agencies or individuals can contact us directly to make an appointment)


Service Fees

  • Teaching Clinic: service fee ranges from $50 to $1,200 per session and is based on the family’s income

  • Private Clinical Service: service fee ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per hour based on the clinician’s seniority



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